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From out of the Shadows


New Member
Hello all -

I figured I might as well introduce myself. I one of those guys that pops in once in a while reads a few posts and darts out. I do freelance graphics --- mostly for screen printed T-shirts. I have done art work for both commercial printing and sign applications, as well.

With a recent move, I've been thinking about getting out of the T-shirt stuff and more into the sign business. --- not as an owner, but rather as an employee to learn the trade.

I like the creativity and the dimensional qualities exhibited in sign work. So, I think I'll give it a whirl... it's fun, right?

If you've got any favorite resources for the uninitiated to get up to speed with what’s what with signs, I’d certainly appreciate any input. I’ve already put in my subscription for SignCraft --- I’ve bought that off the newsstand before because the pictures were neat. Mostly I’d be looking for the technical information on installation and fabrication of signs. ...and the basics tips, tricks and techniques.

--- I've got a feeling there's more to this stuff than just plywood and paint

Thanks for your time --- and thanks for all the great posts that I've read thus far.

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101 Vid.

We have a Links section here at Signs 101 that you may want to explore for information and resources. So far it has what GEB and I have been putting into it, but it's available for everybody to add their favorite links into.

There is, for example, a more complete list of industry trade journal publishers at this link:


The entire Links section is accessed through the "Module Jump" pulldown in the upper left section of the Home Page.

We'd love to see some of your work posted in the Gallery.



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Hi Fred

It's a brave new world for me. I'm looking at going from a Mac/Illustrator environment to a PC/CorelDraw environment. Certainly there will be some challenges to confront that I'll need some guidance on. --- Much like my recent move from Arizona to California... everything is just different --- LOL!

I know I saw the instructions some place, but for the life of me I can't find out how to load stuff into your gallery. I've got a couple of things I can toss in there for review. Most are working drawings or screenshots from illustrator, but conceptually they're kind of neat to look at.

Anywho... Thanks for the welcome --- and thanks for taking care of the site! It's been a handy resource.

Fred Weiss

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I don't expect you'll find transitioning platforms and applications to be that big a deal unless you are a diehard mac addict.

Uploading to the gallery is pretty straightforward.

1. Make sure you're logged in.

2. Click the upload link from the main gallery page.

3. Select the category or sub-category you want the picture to be classified in.

4. Add keywords and description etc.

If you have anything end up not as you would like, just delete the picture and reupload it.

We have a whole section for application screen shots going largely unused.