frontage calculation question...


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Your illustration is most likely wrong. Those windows below your smaller sign are probably part of the door to the main area jutting out to the left. I don't see a door on that smaller side. It used to be, you still take the overall dimensions and fit it in the area the best way possible. Some people make out and others don't. Also, anchor stores will have an exception clause for their areas. So the rules are all gonna be willie nillie, just like out on the pylons.
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"...wall sign shall not exceed fifteen (15) percent of the exposed building face to which it is attached."
That answers the question right there which means pink area. sign will not be attached to bottom where windows are located. It will go on the upper wall which is the exposed building face.
Now I know why some of you charge by the hour because it takes two hours just to read and figure out two instruction lines.
At least one of the cities I work with would say it's the green box but extended left and right to cover that entire side of the plaza. And if the other tenants already used up the 15% allowed for the plaza then it sucks to be you.


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Having spent a few years doing nothing but compiling sign ordinances from municipalities in pretty much every state in the Country, you need to get your answer from the municipality, in writing - not from an online forum. There are some municipalities out there with some pretty wild interpretations of what you would think would be pretty straightforward stipulations.


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If you stretch the anchor out to what you would assume would be the size of it and use the green, it looks overbearing. Like you would see in an old run down complex and the look that cleaner places try to avoid. I had it laid out but Corel crashed at the end while exporting it. Anyways, that is my 2 cents
Should have laid it out using your phone to avoid the crash and get the right orientation



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If it's a pain in the *** to get an answer/reply from the municipality in question, I would work under the assumption it's the pink area.

If you are trying to push the envelope as far as possible and use the green area, you definitely need to get an answer from the proper ruling authority. Hopefully you can just email the same picture with the pink and green and get an answer.

But this is why we don't start any kind of fabrication until we have permit approval. You just never know when something in the code is going to trip you up.

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Set up a rapport with the city code department. Be as nice as you can and don't cop an attitude and as Robert would tell you, "listen". When I go to code department I hear "how's it hanging Johnny?" Puts a smile on my face that I will get that permit.


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It used to work that way here. Now the entire permitting process is done thru an online portal. No face to face time, let alone even a phone conversation.


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That's cause they don't really have anyone working there. It's just some kid in his parents basement going virtual working all them thar controls.


In my neck of the woods, you can pull a pitched roof height into the building frontage if the permit-er is having an off day and doesn't catch it. They literally never verify anything anymore, their biggest outdoor timesink these days is cruising around, looking at newly installed monuments, and writing violations for lack of landscaping around the monument.