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FUJI Acuity 1600 LED Print heads

Print heads for a FUJIFILM ACUITY 1600 (2014 model)? Do you know a source where I can find Dimatix QE10 (30 picoliter droplet size ) and Dimatix QE30 (30 picoliter droplet size) print heads other than from Fujifilm? I need to replace a white print head now and the black print head in the near future and they are very pricey from Fujiflim. Just trying to save some money if I can but it's hard to find these. Can you help!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!


New Member
I found the QE30 online, but haven't seen the QE10. I can't remember where I saw it either. I know it was brought up on a different post. I have the same printer and dread the day I have to replace a head!
That's GREAT...what website did you find the QE30 on? How long has it been since you had your Fuji printer? Do you print daily and do you clean the heads daily? Just curious what I'm getting into before my printer arrives. :)

Iulian Strutu

New Member
My name is Julian and I've bought a decommissioned Fuji Acuity LED 1600.
After many weeks of hardwork I've manage to repair it, but after 3 weeks a printhead broke.
I have a thermistor error and I have identified the the issue is the yellow printhead board.
So, my question is if someone does still have some Dimatix Sapphire QE10 printhead(s). The thing is I need just the board, to replace it, so I dont need a good printhead, it can be clogged. Of course the reson is... money... I don't have much :)
Please let my know what you have.
All the best,