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funniest noises ive ever heard come from a puter


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The Big guys home computer today.. started making the oddest noise ive ever heard.. It is especially odd as he doesnt have speakers hooked up to it.. so it was coming from the internal computer speaker..

It sounded like a english police car.......
do doooo do dooo do dooo do dooo...

He turned off and now of course it wont come back on..

were not sure what is wrong but it is prolly time to replace that one too..

The machines as a whole are out to get HIm.. we believe..
His window air condition in the bedroom.. is an older one and it decided to turn on and rattle even with the switch turn to off.....
I told him i think his machines are possessed..


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All pc's have ann internal speaker for boot up signals alarms, ect.... It could have been an over heat alarm or something like that. If it does it abain, see if there is a pattern to the beeps. Like,.... 2 long beeps and a short ect... If there is - write it down and check the motherbaords user manual. Don't have that.... go online to their web site and download one. It should tell you in tnhere what the beeps mean.

Ram errors
overheating processor
hard drive error
bus error

just some of the errors


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yeah i have heard the beeeps before.. but was was odd about this.. is it really wasnt beeps.. it sounded like a siren.. from a english police car..

will have to check it out after the weekend..

as for it doing it again?? the puter rite now wont even turn back on.. .. ..


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Last time mine made strange noises,,,
found I had 2 cd's in the drive !!!
Talk about chills down tha back !!!
Like fingernails on a blackboard !!!


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1. check processor FAN
4. CHECK VIDEO BOARD FAN.....if you got one.