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Fuse question

Jim Hill

New Member
I am having a problem with my M&Y head.
The magenta color prints perfect but I cannot get the Yellow to print.

I have changed both cap tops along with the yellow damper. I pulled the yellow from the cartridge to the damper with a syringe and it filled up the damper.

I have also tried pulling the yellow ink with the heads in place from the small hose from the M&Y head below the cap tops but when I pull the syringe slowly the magenta comes out but not the yellow. I checked the nipple under the yellow damper and it looks fine and is not broken.

If magenta prints does that mean the fuse is fine? I have also switched the ribbon cables on the heads but that also did not fix the problems.

I have tired medium and a powerful head cleaning with no success.

Any idea where the problem might be?

Thanks Jim


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When the fuse blows it kills both the magenta and yellow so it should be fine. When 1 color stops firing completely on a head, it's usually ink flow issues but if you rule those out, it could be electrical damage to the head itself and/or the main/head board.