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GCC Jaguar III for newbies - First cut


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Hi mates, in these days i had a lot of troubles with my GCC Jaguar III cutting plotter so i've decided to write these pair of tips to help future newbies ( the real cause is because i don't remember nothing ^_^ )

i use Win Xp Professional, i create my illustrations in Adobe illustrator CS 2 and open them into Corel Draw 12.

let's start:

01 - Open in Corel Draw the file .ai

02 - Empty the shapes and change the width of the paths in 0,001 mm (to empty the shapes simply select all your work and select the "X" button on the color palette - in the default mode it's located on the right of the monitor and the "X" button is the first on the top of it.

03 - Select and copy the illustration and create a new file.

04 - Go to the GCC Jaguar III cutting plotter and load the media, press the button "->" (right arrow). The plotter now check the length and the width and prints them on the LCD monitor.
For example in my case L: 152 W:119


Consider the length the "Y" and the width the "X". To understand it put you in front of the communication ports (they're on the right side of the machine):

The LENGTH is the Y and the WIDTH is the X.

A tip: make "yes" and "no" with your head : the "yes" is the Y axis and the "no" is the X axis (thanks to Arlo Kalon for this cool tip )

05 - Create a new file from Corel Draw 12 and paste the illustration.

06 - Click once on the background. In the top left you can modify the work area. In the first space set the "WIDTH" (example 119 mm in our case [ W:119] ) and in the second space (the one on the bottom) set the "LENGHT" ( 152 mm in our case [L:152] )

07 - Now we can print it: File -> Print (presso "No" if appears a dialog box telling something about the orienting of the paper).

Go to Propriety > Paper > and set on the "X" the WIDTH ( 119 mm -> W:119) and on the "Y" the LENGTH ( 219 mm -> L:219 )

In this way also the cutting plotter driver on the PC knows the sizes of the working area of the media.

Press "Ok" then "Print"

Be sure to have setted before the FORCE, SPEED, OFFSET and BLADE on the cutting plotter.

Suggestions are appreciated, i'm only a newbie and perhaps i missed some steps.:Oops:

This is just a way to send the file to your cutting plotter..and for now i like this way :D


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but in fact i don't understand english very well! ^_^

Yes it work..the problem was caused from my confusion for X and Y axis standing the plotter :)

I hope i'll be able to work fastly with it. If you have any suggestions don't esitate. :)


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i don't know but i've wrong something in this tutorial, i've followed every step but there is something that goes wrong.

anyone can help me?

really thank you.