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Suggestions Gemini drill pattern pricing


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I noticed in the 2019 catalog revised pricing for Gemini letters and thought I could prevent someone from making a mistake in pricing. Prior pricing was a per letter charge for a spacing/drill template - usually around $4.70 per letter. The revision is now 1-10 characters $41.65, 11-20 characters 83.30, 21-50 characters $133.30. Do not make the mistake and sell 2 letters as "fill ins" or replacement with spacing drill template without this new information because two letters is going to cost you $41.65. Be sure to look at this on your next order. Good luck!


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You can purchase an artwork file but if my memory serves me the pin placement is not included... if i'm wrong someone please correct me. Typically if we want to produce our own pattern we will pay for the custom stud placement. Little more expensive but in the long run it evens itself out - if you have to move the sign even once you've already made it back twice over with just reproducing your own as well as not having to store a paper pattern and remember where you put it,



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Gemini has a lot of benefits, but they some stuff really backwards.

Anyone with a CNC router or laser cutter would cut the letters from the backside, mark the stud location, and then install the studs after. This would make the templates "perfect" assuming both the printer and CNC machine were calibrated properly.

Why Gemini doesn't do it that way is beyond me. It would save them time and money and would result in a superior product.