General Formulations - seeking feedback before buying


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Anyone use CC500 by Gen.Formulations?

I've never used it, but it's significantly cheaper than any other polymeric vinyl... should I consider it or... ?

Any real life feedback would be great.

I'm looking at using it in black in particular as block out.


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General Formulations is good stuff. We've used their print vinyls and colored vinyls for years and have never had a problem. I like their plotter vinyls (both cast and calendered) butter than anybody else's, it cuts and weeds perfectly. Their products have been more consistent than any other manufacturer in our experience.

GF's stuff often ends up as the "house brands" at vendors. Grimco sells it as their Brite Line vinyl (both print and colored), Fellers sells it as their ShineRite and Permacast colored vinyls.


I use their briteline 5 year vinyl from grimco. Their 3 year is 20-30 bucks less, and the backing paper is garbage, and wraps in ANY humidity causing tons of head strikes.

To be honest the only thing i use intermediate print vinyl for is real estate signs..


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briteline is INTERMEDIATE VINYL!!!! we had a distributor here a few years ago, the went outa business. i was using their CV-300, what they called it and its the same as BRITLINE/SHINERITE. they also had an HP VINYL, was 7125 3M WITH GMI LABLES!!!!
i bought about 15 rolls of the 7125 15 x 10 yds........i still have most of it. was odd colors & i paid $10 a roll.


Their Concept 203 digital vinyl is awesome. GF is good stuff