General Issue Contour Cutting from Flexi


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i've been banging my head on this thing for a while, but not only am I starting to bleed, i think I've cracked the foundation of my shop. i'm running flexi pro, and using a mutoh value jet 1024 and a graphtec CE5000-120. the issue i've had that's most frustrating is the sporadic mis-registration from prints made on my mutoh. i'll send repeats of small decals thru the printer, and when i set them in the graphtec it just gets retarded. sometimes it runs off the back, sometimes it won't get the marks at all and run through it's cycle over and over again. coupled with the fact that the mutoh isn't smart enough to know how big the vinyl in it is this is driving me nuts. I have set it to the size vinyl I have in it and still had the thing print the registration marks somewhere off the vinyl (kind of useless). Am I a complete idiot or is this a troublesome combination? Any input?


we are not using the same equipment, but using a mimaki and a graphtec 5100.....

we set the media width to 52" even though it has 54" in it, other wise it does the same and tries to print the registration off the page....

in the graphtec, we have to do the "auto detect marks" option first, then go into the software and send to cutter where it asks to do it again, if we do not do it on the machine first it runs off the page looking for marks from the software....

not sure if that helps or not, but its a shot at it