General Roland/Uniform Grenadier small sticker cutting


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I have ( among other machines ) a contour cut capable Uniform Grenadier machine ( Roland technology based machine that runs eco-solvent for those who don't know ).
This is a bit of a generic all brands type question I would imagine. People in the Uk might know these units better than people in the States.

What is the best way to proceed when cutting really small stickers?

Sorry about my weird size conversion but the size on this particular project for 4000 stickers is:
22x16 mm
or 9/10 of an inch by 2/3 of an inch

What cutting specs should I use?

Slow cut speed with lowered cut force?

right now my standard cut specs are 60cm/sec with 60 grams force.

With these specs on this I get some strike cut on the liner and some of the stickers corners become curled making the weeding a hit or miss ( half the stickers stick to the liner the rest comes off with the weeded vinyl ).
slow it down, and smaller than that you would probably have to use something with tangenial emulation. but that doesnt sound to small. just slow it down a good bit and try a few out.


We have the grenadier 2, using Oracal Digi Print vinyl, just done some at 16mm x 38mm... no problems, cutter set at 65gm force, and standard speed (would check what it was but engineer out at moment).

Have you tried to email or speak to uniform/b&p lightbrigade?