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Gerber 4b situation

I still have an old Gerber 4B that was fine for the Architectural Signage I'd been doing, nothing fast or fancy was required, and is what I'd bought it for back in '90, before brush lettering was pretty much phased out.

It was bought slightly used and included a then almost new "Mac" interface (the person who sold it to me decided to sell his shop and go back into electrical engineering ) that had allowed any computer savvy entrepenuer to start a sign business w/o any brush lettering skills that he would sub-out to people like myself.

Back then Gerbers, "Macs" or printers weren't cheap, but w/marker rendering skills a "stand alone" Gerber 4B opened more avenues for the sign artist.

I want to keep using my 4b (while looking for a new plotter) and need an LMK kit or CADlink type interface w/cable, to hook up to my PC. Is there anyone who might have this or offer some leads?

Any reply will be appreciated.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
We used to have a Gerber 4B several years ago. I remember the days of using the DOS version of CASmate 2.x and the interface thingie for that machine. Don't you just love the font cartridges for that machine? Kinda reminded me of Nintendo game cartridges.

We sold our 4B to a monument company that made cemetary headstones. There's a lot of those companies that use Signmaker 4B units for cutting sandblast stencil. The 4B was really good for doing that. You might call around in those circles.

Hubert Furey

New Member
FastBoards and Super Adapter Cards are still available from CADlink. Email me if you have technical questions or contact sales for pricing.

Sales 800-545-9581