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Gerber AR400 - z axis problem - pls help

Everest Signs

New Member
I have a 10 year old AR400 Gerber router - size 48"x52".

Sometimes it would work OK. Other times it would cut some letters and as it is supposed to lift router bit to go to another letter to cut IT WOULD NOT GO UP ON THE Z AXIS but just cut through across the material and start cutting the next letter thus ruining the material.

Any one come across this type of problem?

Thanks very much
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Cut data to file and inspect depth change commands

You need to troubleshoot source of the issue. For the job that doesn't cut height correctly, cut the file again, except cut the data to a text file. Inspect the text file to confirm that depth change commands are there.
  • If the depth change commands are missing, then check what you've done with your design in the software.
  • If the depth change commands are there, then hardware issue is preventing machine from performing expected operations. Perhaps worn springs in head assembly.