Gerber automag orange foil issue..Ideas?


New Member
Running a Gerber Edge 2. Printing orange foil onto Gerber Automag 2. All other colors printed as normal, the orange is going to Mega Void City. It is a new roll of A-Mag, and I have tried 2 different orange foils. Ideas?

Dana Goodale

New Member
Be sure you have the proper material being used in GSPPlot. Open the job in GSPPlot>Press F11>Substitute>Choose Gerber AutoMag

You can try adding more heat to the orange. Go to GSPPlot F11>right click on the orange>click on HOT

Add more heat to the entire job. go into GSPLOT>click settings>click Darker.

Try using EDGE 1 settings. GSPPlot>F11>Print Mode>Edge 1

Also, which Orange Foil Color / Brand are you using?