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Gerber Composer 6.5 to ONYX color issues


New Member
I've been having intermittent issues with Composer files not being properly ripped in ONYX Postershop and the colors come out muted.

In the past w/Composer 5.1 & 2.6 we would reboot both computers and the issue would go away. We recently upgraded all our Composers to 6.5 and the issue has reoccured AND it's not going away when we reboot. As far as I can tell all my quick sets and color settings are the same (us web coated SWOP) in both programs.

If I open the same file in Illustrator and resave, then send it to the rip the colors come out normal.

Anybody else come across this? Solutions?

Thanks in advance

Zendavor Signs

New Member
Composer is a terrible program to use for digital printing. It uses vinyls and fill colors, which can royally screw up your color. Since you have illustrator, I would recommend learning it to do your designing

Joe House

New Member
Composer is only terrible if you don't know how to use it - just like Illustrator. It's a great program for designing signs in - even if you're going to be digitally printing (including other than Edge prints) I'm sure there are just some settings that are not tweaked the way they were before. I would be looking first at your export settings. Also, as a general rule, outside of a properly color managed workflow, you'll get better results using RGB colors. Which pallets are you using? That can make a difference as well.