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Gerber Edge LE - Free to Good Home

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
This is a printer that was purchased directly from Gerber as factory refurbished in 2011. It was sold through eBay recently and they are allowing the buyer to return the printer because she encountered poor print results with an old roll of ZeroNine foil. Pictures she posted show normal print results using Gerber foil. She was asked to try a fresh roll and has not done so. Unfortunately for me, eBay policies guarantee buyer satisfaction and do not support any consideration for sellers.

The printer has been reboxed by the buyer in the original Gerber container and supposedly also has had the shipping protection print head clamps reinstalled.

If picking up is not an option, arranging for shipment at your expense is also acceptable. The two boxes weigh 86 pounds and 16 pounds.


New Member
HI Fred,

I can pick it up- I am in Denver area, and you and I have talked before. I can check clamps etc. and help get it back to you if you wish. - For Greeley, I am out of town next week - but can pick it up the following week.

Edit: sorry - saw your last reply.

Justin Mcmahon

New Member
I am offering a Gerber Edge LE free to a Signs 101 member if you are willing to pick it up in Greeley, Colorado without delay. Contact me by private conversation if interested.

Fred I'm from the springs and have the odyssey and would like to have this if still available