Gerber Edge LE Label Read Error

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I have a Gerber Edge LE that I had not used for a while but it worked fine previously. I just use the printer for fun here and there, mostly to make stickers for my RC cars. When I went to run it last night it took some troubleshooting but the Z axis sensor had been moved a bit from transport, but once I finessed it a bit (sideways, did not move it vertically) to re-center the metal flag the z-axis height error went away.

On to my current problem - I have performed test print patterns 1 and 2 successfully, but when I try test pattern 0 the printer head goes up and down a few times and then the display reads "label read error". Same thing happens when trying to print from Flexi.

Not sure what is wrong as I know my printer head functions based on printing certain test patterns.

I have tried about 10 different foils, gerber and non, they all do it.