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Gerber Edge print problems

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New Member
We are printing a job using Edge1. Our foil(whether we're using Gerber or Duracoat) creases on the upper edge of the print. Any suggestions as to why it's doing this, and how do we fix it?:help:

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New Member
There are a number of possibilities.

The two most common are 1) printhead overheatings and 2) the plastic "Z" strip is damaged.

First, I would lower the "heat/pressure" setting from "normal" to "light" or "lighter". I would also try a different vinyl setting such as "Quantum 2000".

Also, check the plastic "Z" strip located next to the printhead. The strip is white white or off-white in color.

If the crease continues, try running your Edge without the "Z" strip that is located on the right-hand side of the printhead.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It is also possible that your foil end sprockets may not be fully seated in the foil cores, causing a misalignment of one core to the other. Try lightly tapping each core end sprocket with a mallet or a piece of wood to insure it is fully seated.

Dale Horn

New Member
Since the brand of foil makes no difference - it makes sense the problem is with the machine. The white plastic Z strip is a good place to check. Check that the idler bars move freely. Check the wad of used foil to make sure it's winding evenly. Check the pins and the chrome retainer clip when seating the cartridge to make sure the cartrige is in correctly. :Canada: