Gerber Edge problem


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I have an original Edge machine, I replaced the motherboard about 2 or 3 years ago but 2 days ago we turned it on and it printed a little bit of our design and went offline. Now when we turn it on it just beeps....any ideas what may be wrong with it?

Drip Dry

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Simple first thing to try is to reset it.
Can't remember exactly but it's something like holding the
reset button down (or the online button) as you turn it on.

You can also check over at

Ken Sankey

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Not sure, it doesn't sound terminal. If you would need service I have dealt with Jim at the Plotter Doctor in Calif. Good luck.

robbie walton

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I had the same problem. the wiring connectors onto the top circuit board eventually get loose. I re seated them and it sorted the problem out. you might find the culprit is the large one on the far left behind the front row of connectors but do them all anyway. also there are fuses on both circuit boards which sometimes need replacing.