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Gerber Envision Cutting Issues 15" Sprocket Plotter


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Looking for help on getting our Gerber Envision cutting properly again. I have read A LOT of threads on here and tried just about everything. I am not sure if its software or hardware. We first replaced a new blade. Next we ordered an replaced the entire carriage assembly. I have tried a few adjustments in force, speed, acceleration, and corners. It almost seems like a hard "knocking" when going back and forth. Im familiar with the typical grinding noise but this hard "knocking" seems new. We were really hoping replacing a new 2000.00 carriage would solve the issues - Yes we calibrated with the weight it came with - Still wont cut right and we are not sure what to try to do next. Please Help. Thanks In Advance!!!
Cutting Issue.jpg


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Is the knocking sound when the tool lifts up and down? If you already swapped the carriage it may be a handful of things.

Try these steps:
1. Check ribbon cables connection to the z-board just underneath the carriage (easy for these to not be fully seated)
2. Run a factory default reset on the plotter (hold F1 and Cancel buttons on startup until you hear a long beep), and then, redo the calibration with the weight process (note this will reset all material settings and rules)


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Try cutting the test job built into the Envision. What happens with that? if that doesn't cut call into Gerber service at 800-828-5406 for a tech to call you back and help diagnose the problem.