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Gerber GS15 plus problem, Y axis motor?


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Hi, I have a problem with my GS15 plus cutter, it has started to cut incorrectly on the Y axis?
the belt is not slipping? the carriage moves freely when switched off so thats not the issue?
If I use the direction arrows to move the carriage back and forth sometimes it just buzzes without moving so I suspect maybe a problem with the motor?
anybody else had this issue?

James Burke

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If the cutter head (carriage) moves as freely as you say, the gear on the stepper motor shaft might be loose. There should be considerable resistance when trying to move the head side to side when the machine is off...which isn't really recommended, by the way.

Take off the side cover and make sure the set screw that is in the gear is properly seated (tight) on the motor shaft.



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Any other suggestions for this problem? My GS15 Plus will only move a few inches on the Y axis. We have cleaned and lubricated all indicated parts and still have very limited movement.


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the carriage moves freely when switched off so thats not the issue?

With the plotter powered on, manually attempt to move the carriage along the y-axis. How much resistance there is will be a large indicator. It will beep at you a lot once you trip a y-axis overload by pushing it too far, stop if it beeps and be very gentle while doing this.

If there is significant resistance, it is likely a motor issue with the gearing or the set screw James Burke references.

If there is minimal resistance, first check the power connections to the motor for oxidation and clean them with IPA. If this does not help your motor may have a power issue and may need to be replaced.

You could try calling ThePlotterDoctor for assistance. They are very knowledgable with Gerber plotters.


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After cleaning and lubricating the plotter, I was still getting only 2 or 3 inches of movement along on the y-axis. We removed the front cover, and the silver wheel attached to the stepper motor had little vinyl pieces stuck to it (circles from the sprocket holes). Used a pick to remove the trash, put the cover back on, and now it is working great.