Gerber Odyssey 48" (auto load) friction plotter problems?


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Curious... anybody ever hear of a Gerber Odyssey 48" friction plotter (with auto load) having an internal plastic sprocket go bad.... to a repair tune of $3k?

My buddy had this happen.... but I googled for the problem and see no results come back for this issue.

Anyone here have this machine? If so, has it been relatively trouble free for you?

Curious more than anything. Thanks.


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yes i have seen this problem. The gear is called an X2 gear. Repair is pretty costly seeing as how you have to realign the machine because you have to take out the main shaft. Check out my friend at He repairs machines for dirt cheap and he is very good at what he does.


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sorry to bring up the past

Hey dan,
Is your friend still fix gerber equip. in CT.

Need a guy. If hes still around please let me know.