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Gerber Omega


New Member
I used Gerber Omega for 99.5% of my artwork but I am having a problem with color printing for proofs for customers. Everytime I try to show white or clear enamel background, it prints as shaded. I then have to explain to the customer that the gray shading they see is really white. Gerber hasn't been very helpful, although they lead me through changing some of the settings and the shading isn't quite as dark. Anyone have any suggestions? On the color proof...how can I show white as white?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
There's two different tings to do that will help.

1. Adjust your black and white filter settings for your paper printer under the color management module. I expect this is what GSP went over with you.

2. Change your background color to white in the job.

Hope this helps. Please post some feedback.

Mark Roberts

New Member
Rather than showing your customer a paper print from your inkjet, why not run an 11"x17" print on your EDGE, complete with your color shop "bug" or logo. Mount this print to a piece of Sintra, or other suitable material. Include a line for their approval signature as well. I think this looks more professional, and has an "Agency" look as well. Remember, we are selling DESIGNS!
Go For IT!:cool1:


New Member
Oh my gosh! I wondered what others were doing to make proofs for customers, since so few seem to use paper printers, but, WOW! With the number of paper prints and revisions we go through, we'd make the Sintra makers very, VERY happy!