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Gerber P2C Plotter


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Any feedback or comments, both positive and negative, on the Gerber P2C plotters would be most appreciated. Looking to purchase as entry level vinyl cutter and would welcome input from others.

Seem to be reasonably priced with the Omega software package but want to seek opinions before purchasing. Any other advice on a entry level Gerber vinyl plotter would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time and input !!!


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Hello. I am a newbie just playig around but I have cut a few 100 yards of viny more then that with My gerber P2C. I love the software Omega is great the manual is the best computer software text I have ever seen or used. As a computer tech working at a college I have a lot of experience with that. Great stuff highly recomend it. The plotter is great too the only complaint so far I have is that you need to babysite right there for long runs as it sometimes jams and will slice the middle of some great work must be right next to it to watch adn be ready to catch it and smooth it out. I can adjust it to do the smallest of pieces of scrap too. Nice!!!!!!!

Also not for sure on this might just be my inexperience and no real help with it all self teaching here but if you want to do alot of overlays I would gues that a sproket feed might be better to get exact cut just right for overlayinh and lining up. I can not see to learn to get a perfect cut from 2 seperet rools of vinyl. I love it and would recomend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a problem at all very pleased. This review comes from a newbie with no experience right out of the box and cutting.

Software is hardware keyed security so that sorta sucks as I want to use it with laptop just for designing. but hey I just us photoshop or illistrator coral anything eles adn just import it. Scans

I hope this helps. For the money I do not think you can beat it either for an entry level think you get way more.


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I had the opportunity to use a P2C for a few months a while back. It is a good plotter for the money. I like my Gerber Odyssey better but it also cost a lot more.

With the exception of my Odyssey, the P2C does track long plots better than many of the friction-fed plotters I've used in the past.