Gerber Sabre not cutting accurate


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I tried to cut a small doughnut today and found out our sabre cannot cut an accurate circle, it makes it oblong and not proportionate. I am sure this means everything else isn't cutting accurate as well.

Has anyone ever had this problem? I tried playing with the lead in/out option but that doesn't correct the problem. I also added nodes to the circle to see if that would help but no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions beside the obvious; call gerber. (which I did and am waiting for a $60.00 callback)


Doug Weaver

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Either your backlash nuts are bound up or your lead screws are worn out. Look at the lead screws and see if the teflon is worn off, if it is, the lead screws will have a silver look to it instead of the black color. This is an indication that they are worn out and may need replacing. If they are not worn out, try moving the backlash nuts. Excessive dust from cutting can get in them and bind them up. You can use alcohol, spray it on them while working them loose. Once freed up, your problem should be minimized providing the lead screws are not worn out. These machines are very accurate and can cut perfect circles. These two issues are usually the culprit when the circles are not perfectly round.