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getting Online Data Error


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So here is a link to the only place I can post easily


Ever see this one? Any Ideas?

I did a windows update in the am and did a roll back to eliminate it - did a restart and still get the data error... I tried the Sentenile Driver Repair utility too... Sadly its a new pc and I was printing fine before the up date...
any suggestions would be appreciated
UPDATE - The GSP Tray Icon was done
and the "target" and file name printed then the foil advanced and kept going .....
Finally job went to Edge and beeped - stopped - and on screen is the following

The device is not connected.
(1167) Filegq_pftp.cpp Line 992 Try Again?


I tried still no good.... hummmmm
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Sorry its been a long night into day
Edge 1, HS 15 + Omega 2.0 with USB Dongle new PC from Tuesday's mother board crash - ha ha what a week huh?

Fred Weiss

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I had this happen to me and it turned out to be the driver board. My distributor had GSP send out a motherboard and a driver board. Took about a half hour to pull the covers, switch the board, check it out and put the covers back on.

It ended up costing me $175 plus air freight.

BTW, this isn't 4EdgeTalk. Posting pictures here is allowed. Just scroll down when posting to the Manage Attachments button and follow your nose from there.


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Data Error

This is the error I had come up then I got the English version of Data Error :-(


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