Question getting wierd lines when ink was low?


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Hello was doing some wall murals panels and suddenly on certain panels i was getting these wierd lines across? My Yellow was low but it didnt tell me to replace yet but i changed it anyway and the problem went away.
after a couple more jobs it was working fine until the Black was low then suddenly i realize i was getting those weird lines again so i changed the Black ink and it was fine again.
I did a nozzle check and and it was all good. So my question is am i suppose to change ink when it gets to low because when i shake the cartridge i feel like these is still a good little amount?
I have an Epson s60600 fairly new printer going though my first ink set, anyone experiencing this problem?


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I had a similar issue with our s80600 when it was about 11 months old, called epson who sent out a tech and replaced 1 of the heads under warrantee, that fixed it.

If the printer is still under warrantee like it sounds it is, call epson, no point diagnosing yourself.

If you need to get by, I had success for a while by running the "head maintenance" option in the menu (the button with the gear on it) it cleared this issue up for a couple days then it came back, like you our test print was completly perfect when we were getting this issue.