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Giddee Up


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Just found this site today! Located in Sidney, BC (just outside of Victoria) and was searching for reviews on a digital printer such as the Roland VersaCam or the Summa DC3 etc. I just finished a rather hellish weeding job of tiny detailed logos, and Dan Antonelli's recent article in SignCraft has got me considering the jump into a printer. There's so much to consider and it seems that every machine has its areas of weakness. I wonder if I should wait, or will they ever develop one that will address all concerns and yet still be affordable?

Looking forward to conversing with y'all.

Inspire 1.6 / Corel 7.0 / Summa D750 Pro / Roland PNC 1050 Canada

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101 Colin.

I doubt the wait will be worthwhile for the perfect machine. Better to make your living with the current choices and use some of the profits to pay for the perfect system when it does become available. Big Laugh

The question to ask is which one does what I need best along with adding capabilities that I currently lack. Price is secondary to return on investment.

Dale Horn

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Cool 2 Welcome - Nice to see some more red and white here.

If you're looking into the DC3
Corbin's in Edmonton is giving a seminar on the Summa DC3 plus
1- 8pm Sept 27 There will be a discussion on the pros and cons of the various types of digital printers.
There's one in Calgary also on the 29th.


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Thanks Dale, I purchased my Summa D750 cutter through the good guys at Corbins.
That might be a bit too much of a journey from the west coast though for a demo, but thanks all the same. I wish there were a Summa dealer/rep at least in Vancouver.


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Well, Seattle isn't THAT far away frmom Vancouver. I'm about 30 miles north of Seattle, so I went straight to Summa for my D60.