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Glad to find this Great forum


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Hello to All,
I am very new to the sign business. I recently was in a bad auto accident while on vacation. This left me unable to do my full time job of custom furniture and cabinets. I have always been into designing and graphics in one form or another. So I thought I would try my hand at vinyl graphics and signs since there doesn't seem to be too much heavy lifting to do. Years ago I owned a Radio Control Hobby store and the business next door to me was a vinyl sign shop. I was always designing graphics and applying the vinyl for the radio control cars, planes, boats, etc... and I always loved doing it. I thought what could be better then doing this for a living. So I bought a plotter and here I am. I've used Corel Draw since ver.3 which made it really easy to get started. I am also using the demo version of SignCut and it seems to work great with Corel Draw. I'm not one for asking alot of questions so you won't see me around much. But I'll be here soaking up as much info as you guys and girls put out there. Well let me just say that I've learned alot already and it's great to be here!
:thankyou: Mark

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101 Mark. We hope to see you post not only when you have questions .... but also whenever you have answers or anything of interest to pass along.