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Suggestions Golf cart wrapping


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Hello everyone, a customer of our sent us a job asking if we could wrap two golf carts for them. Att: our photos

As the installer i have never wrapped a golf cart so i really don't know how much to charge them... should i charge by time or size on something like this... and the customer will be providing the vinyl.

Thank you


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Pat Whatley

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On both of those the front won't be a big issue. You can remove almost everything to wrap and your edges are all hidden behind plastic trim. The rear of the golf cart is a bitch. No way I would attempt my first golf cart wrap using customer supplied vinyl. One or two screw up and you're going to be losing money by having to buy replacement pieces at retail.


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the first image is called a UTV, and depending on the make/model it could have low energy plastic.
Meaning standard material will not stick.

since this is the first installation you have done like this, make sure the material has air channels and film lamination.
if it is the wrong material or you feel like you cannot install to their satisfaction. walk away from the project and have someone else do it.


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Thank you for the info very helpful, seems i need to do some research on what type of vinyl there hooking us up with! Again thank you very much!
We have a policy in our shop that we don't work with customer supplied materials, no way, no how. We won't print or embroider on customer supplied apparel either. If there's no opportunity to make a profitable markup on materials, it's not worth our time and having to replace something we botch up doesn't appeal to us.


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I would pass. What happens if you mess up the graphics during install? Golf carts are tough to wrap with all of the curves especially if you have never done one before.


We do contract installs with customer provided materials and will even embroider customer provided garments. But..... we charge more for one thing since they are denying us the ability to make any profit on the materials and I tell someone this up front. Then we also very clearly inform them up front that if that, RARE, but these are not perfect processes and sometimes a mistake does happen that can ruin the material/garment. Then we state that if we are providing the print/garment then we replace it, if they are supplying the material/garment and that rare mistake happens, tough luck. Additionally on vinyl installs we also make sure what the exact material/lam is. If its some no-name material or liquid laminated junk or something that is much more of a pain to install than that costs extra for the hassle. For me the moral of the story is dont be a cheapa**. I realize there are exceptions of course.


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You're gonna have to charge hourly for these, and it'll be a lot longer than you expect them to be. They take as long as a car wrap...
See how much the customer is comfortable with dis-assembling their selves to save them money with that part of the process.

I too would also be very wary about the vinyl they're buying to wrap it with.