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Goofing around with Photoshop


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Had some spare time and was trying different effects in photoshop awhile ago, this is what I came up with for Photo effects. Forgot I even made these LOL

The dog is one of 2 rotts we got. He's a big baby, all 205lbs of him LOL


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The cat jumping from picture to picture is cool! The rottie, well....he just has the pitiful "love me" look.....the kind they give before they try and become a lap dog.


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I had a rott he passed away last year at the age of 13. The last time I took him to the vet he was just over 180. Yours at 205 is a huge pup.


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We have a 15-month old female Rottie. She's on the small side only around 95lbs. right now.

Also have a 12-week old Great Dane, he gaining an average of about 7lbs. a week. He's going to be huge...


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The pics are very cool.
Gorgeous dog!
My 8 month old puppy only weighs 85lbs. (She's a Bull Mastiff/Golden Lab mix) Vet guesses she'll get that big, we'll see.


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205lbs for a rott, thats like twice what the AKC ideal breed weight is, thats definitely one big dog.

And I thought our 10 month old, 95lb Alaskan Malamute was big.


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Good job Rhinoz.:thumb: I like the effects.

So a big ole' rot eh? Got any Rhino's lying around the house too....?