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NC graphic designer/production assistant - Timberland, NC


New Member
I'm in need of a graphic designer/production assistant that has these skills:
print shop skills: making back-lit inserts, laminated decals and the standard print/laminate/mounting of items. Pretty basic stuff if you know a bit about sign production. I run 54" wide equipment (HP latex printer, laminator, plotter/cutter)
2) can work on wordpress websites for our company and external customers. Knows enough html to be dangerous
3) can work on google adwords and analytics
4) can design ads for trade publications
5) can design/layout like you've done it for years
6) can pick up a video camera, shoot, and produce (not a daily requirement, but it helps if you've got this skill)
7) can work Adobe .indd, .ai, psd apps like a pro on a PC. (Bonus if you know Premier)
8) can think for yourself, taking a project from start to finish
9) have a fascination for car washes. (fun stuff :))

This is a full time position with all the health benefits and extras.
We're in the Timberland, NC area, which is about 30 minutes due north of Durham.
If interested, shoot me an email: mhester@cpcarwash.com

Thanks for your interest :)


Support & Tech Administrator
Wow. Sounds like a great opportunity for the qualified candidate. I do wonder what total compensation package you're offering for the position.
Whatever the case - Best of luck with finding a suitable candidate for the job. Cheers.