Graphic Tracer vers Vector Magic


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The bitmap to vector conversion in Vector Magic is good as long as you have good source material. This applies to most programs that do raster to vector conversion... you need good source material. If the original material is low quality, you then need to use other tools to restore your image. Vector Magic does not have any "clean up" tools. Graphic Tracer has a variety of powerful clean up tools that can be used to restore poor quality graphics. One of the tools is the "FontEye" tool that can quickly search through a database of over 100k fonts, plus any of your own font collections. It can even identify fonts that have been distorted in a variety of way by a graphic designer. It can also automatically replace the text in your graphic with the correct font or a similar font of your choice (you do need to own fonts used in replacement). If you do not own the correct font, Graphic Tracer may be able to help you find it online, or provide you with the correct look using precision vector shapes. The finished image can then be quickly exported directly into a variety of popular programs such as Illustrator, Corel, Flexi, Signlab, etc. or to a variety of vector file formats. If you have questions, Live online demonstrations are frequently available at GraphicPowers dot com, or you can request to be contacted by email through the support link. If you want to voice chat, leave a number and someone will call you. There are many programs that can be used to convert and clean up poor quality images, just as many tools can be used to cut down a tree. Graphic Tracer really is not a "design" tool, it was created to be a "restoration" & production tool. With that in mind, it is the cleanup "chainsaw" for the graphic industry. I have personally been using Graphic Tracer along with CorelDraw in my small sign shop for many years. I would not want to be without it, and would put my money on it in any graphic cleanup competition. I also know first hand of a large shop that feels the same way. They have 50+ graphic designers, and they all use Graphic Tracer along with their other design software at every station.