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  • I saw your post recently about perfecting the art of laminating. I currently have a 55" RS. We mostly laminate reflective vinyl for traffic signs. Do you have any tips or tricks for laminating printed reflective that is the exact same size as the laminate (aka - little room for skew or error).
    If it's a flat surface, I'd look into Dackor Laminates. They sell an adhesive backed laminate that is .012 thick and sturdy as hell. Comes in like 60 different textures.
    Yup. I used to install ring blowers on all kinds of equipment and the silencers were noting more than round cased "glass packs".
    Expensive too since they were a "custom" product. Umm..sure they were.
    Thanks! So, the above thrush glass pack from amazon +http://www.aircompressorpartsonline...56av-air-filter-housing-welement-p-21162.html - would be a god combo to help quiet things down?
    Regarding your suggestion of a private, invite only site for actual pros... I've set up a Facebook page called "Professional Signmakers". I don't have the web skills (or time) to devote to creating a new forum, so this is the best I can do.
    Feel free to spread the word if you're interested.
    In the process of ripping it down and getting the new one online. Once Sherry gets the pics watermarked the way she likes they go to our freelancer. Pics are the last piece of the puzzle. The new site has all the pages etc...just waiting to drop in content.
    Ah I see you are using allwebco. I was an avid user/fan of their's many years ago. How does the site work for you, do you get leads/business from it? Just curious...
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