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  • I'm not harsh in my mind... it's just what pops out... call it passionate. Have fun with it, you know how many crotchety old buzzards I had to work with? Anyways, looking forward to seeing your new site...
    I am off of Tyvola, still running by myself. Glad you found a place! What do you do at Imagemark?
    I was fortunate that I was already looking. I took a position with a company called Imagemark in Lowell.

    This is Jason formerly of Dixie Neon.

    I just wanted to send my condolences and prayers for your loss.

    hello..i workk for orbus and i can purt o rest any quaestion you may have. isaw by any earlier thread that were looking for some bannerstands and were undecided between orbus and ws. orbus sells to the trade only period, ws is also san diegi sign compnay. also no order is too small for orbus. if you decide to but one sytand a year we'd love the business. no minimun rder requirments or contractual obligations. not to mention Orbus has the best service in the industry! ihope that will help with your descion making.

    take care!
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