Graphtec 60" MAX Cut Width Question?

Hi all,

I have a Graphtec 5100 (60"). I can load a 60" Roll, but only cut 53" max. However when if i move the last pinch roller all the way to the edge (not on the friction wheel) and use the middle as the end pinch wheel (so im only using two.) Do you guys think this will cut somthing that is 54.125" wide. when it detects the material is says 54.6 (when the last pinch wheel is all the way to the edge)

I need to acheive this because im cutting frost world design to go across 7 glass panes, the deisgn is very wide by various heights and the pane widths are exactly 54", so i really dont need much lap if any becuase the seems will line up in the butt joint of the glass that will be silconed. I only have three that are 54.125 wide and the tallest is 102"

so the question is do you think it will cut and do you think it will track straight up to 10' in length (running it on slow of course) with only two pinch wheels holding the material? and will it clip it at the 53" mark where the last friction wheel is supposed to be? Anyone done this before.

I will run a test plot tomarrow when i get the 60" material in tomarrow


I'm pretty sure that no matter where you put the friction wheel, it will only cut the 53.5. Where at in VA are you located?
Im north up here in Woordbridge. Yeah if im at the last friction wheel, it registers 53.5". If i go outside the last frirction wheel to the edge it says 54.5. Im removing the end pinch wheelto trick the machine of the width so the material doesnt bind up ill let you guys know my results
Here is a picture of the design across 54" panes, im just gonna have a seem in the middle of the 3 panes that cover the full 54" window pane


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