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Graphtec Distance Adjust


New Member
I have a CE3000 without ARMS sensor and trying to do contour cuts through IL CS2 with cut master.

Material is around 10-12mil and seem to have issues with following the contour cut.

It is off from my test material which is around 3mil.

I have slowed the cutting speed way down which helped for a cleaner cut, but still off on the cut.

The longer the print, the further off it is.
It doesn't appear to be slipping on the rollers as the back of the material has a nice clean imprint from the grit roller.

I understand the axis alignment and that seems to work fine...

The manual is a little sparse when talking about the Distance adjust however.

Any help would be appreciated.


It's better to have two hands than one glove.
What method, exactly, are you using to align the media?

When you say 'off', just what do you mean? Is the cut long or short and in the X, Y, or both directions?


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I put the printed material in with the Graphtec Reg marks.

I set the bottom right reg mark as the Origin Point.
Then set Axis Alignment for any misalignment.

The cut mainly off on the Y axis.
Very little on the X axis.

Most of the prints are around 13"x30"

I added more bleed area to help cover up the mis cut.

Howard Keiper

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Bob and I have had some discussion on this subject before and have different opinions about it; but, if the "off" is in the X direction only, and the error accumulates (grows) in proportion to the length of cut, and seems to be directly related to the thickness of the material, then the DISTANCE ADJUST control will solve your problem.
howard keiper


New Member
Yes, it is the X direction......
Not Y.....

Sorry, for the confusion on my part as I rotate my prints....