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Graphtec FC7000-130... Cuts Look Horrible

Imminent Death

New Member
So today I get into the shop and I cut some typical text out of vinyl. The cuts that I'm getting look reeeally bad. In Illustrator and Cutting Master, everything looks crisp and clean. But after the plotter does its thing, the results look "wobbly"... like someone took the Simply filter on clean text.

I have no idea what to do. Does the plotter need to be calibrated somehow? How does one even do this? I don't know if this is what I need to.


I just want clean cuts again. (sob)


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check blade. it might not be seated. Remember there in there with a little magnet. Your blade might have gotten pushed out just a little bit making it not stable.


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Imminent Death

New Member

Either Gremlins or...


I actually tried cutting through the Cutting Master drivers and my cuts come through clean now. They go a bit slower than usual, but at least they look better. I'm still wondering why my cuts looked fine on Friday, and I come in Monday and they're out of whack.