Graphtec FC7000-160 HELP


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anyone have any trouble from the plotting pen not raising up after it plots an item, and having it score and scratch the material?

We need a solution to this, we have contacted Graphtec and updated the software and changed a setting and still no solution,
the only thing that works is to shut it off for about a half hour and try it again then it scores again after 2 plots.

I have checked and rechecked the blade and everything i could think of


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I do believe there is a spring system inside that is sticking. That is why it wont slide up on it's own. Open it up and clean and lubricate the moving parts very carefully and it should work fine for you.


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Been having the same issue. Was so bad a couple weeks ago couldn't even cut anything. Was just wasting material and time. Luckily our old SolventJet also cuts.

Last week the thing was perfect though. I opened up the head and cleaned it out well. I also updated to the newest firmware.

Hopefully won't have anymore issues


there is not a spring system in this it looks like it is controlled by magnets

It's called a voice coil. It offers precise control in lowering the blade. The blade is returned via a spring, that's why the blade stays up when there's no power. Make sure the coil windings, what you can see of them, are even and smooth. If they are uneven and/or bunched up here and there, that's your problem and you'll need a new tool carriage. It happens.

Far more common is a collection of dust and crud in the up/down positioning mechanism. Blow it out and see if things don't improve.