Graphtec FC8000 Reference Settings


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I get a lot of private messages asking for help with the Graphtec's FC8000. I am posting this message with all my reference settings on my machines. I will slowly add all the settings on the machine so please bare with me when I get some down time. I've had my fair share of problems with my machine initially and I guess the manual could explain the affect of each setting on the machine a bit better then just telling us how to change them.

Firmware 1.50

Name: Half Cut
Tool: CB09U+0
Speed: 55cm/s
Force: 19
Accel: 4
Cutline Pattern: Off
Assign Tool: 1
Tangent Emulation: Off
Overcut Start: 0.7mm
Overcut End: 0.7mm
Distance Adjust: Off
Intial Downforce: 2

Tool Offset Adju: X=0, Y=0
Step Pass: 0
Offset Force: 7
Offset Angle: 30
Data Sorting Area: Off
Data Sorting Tool: Off
Tool Up Speed: Auto
Condition Priority: Program
Tool Select Command: Enabled
Intial Blade: 2mm Below
Tool Up Move: Disabled
Tool Up Height: 0mm

Mark Scan Mode: Off
Number Of Points: 2 Points
Mark Distance: X=0 Y=0
Distance Adjust Mode: User
Distance Adjust Custom Unit: 5mm
Mark Size: 20mm
Axis Origin Offset: X=0 Y=0
Sensor Offset Adjustment: X-0.4mm Y=0.2mm (This would be custom to my machine to dial it in accurately)
Mark Auto Scan: On
Paper Weight: On
Axis Alignment Tool: Light Pointer
Sensing Speed: Slow
Sensing Level: X=70 Y=90

Expand: Default
Scale: 1
Rotate: Off
Mirror: Off