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Graphtec JS300-18ES


New Member
Anyone have any ideas on the new Graphtec JS300-18ES? Will this be a printer to follow? The cost is great for the size of the printer just curious. Hopefully it will be at the both sign shows in Oralndo and Ft. Worth.


New Member
I checked this machine out at a recent show and was not really that impressed. Graphtec has a great cutter, but should leave the printing to the confirmed pros....
Ink not drying quickly enough; open design on the ink system; not a Graphtec design - this is an OEM product from overseas; the heater wasn't very effective.


Howard Keiper

New Member
You can bet it will be at the ISA show in Orlando.

Check it out.

Not meant to be an "art quality" machine, but is VERY fast, inexpensive, solvent ink, about .40/ft* . Good buy.


New Member
I was hoping so. I mean its big at 72" especially for the price I was hoping it would be a great printer. I look forward to seeing it. I would do your normal things such as banners, printed graphics for decals etc. vehicle wrap prints.

Neal Baessler

New Member
Will, I am the product manager here at Graphtec and the printer will be at the ISA including a surprize.

But I have to say I love your signature superhero. Way Cool!