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graphtec jx1130 - print and cut option


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The sign company I work for inherited a graphtec jx1130 that came with no paperwork. It's an inkjet plotter with vinyl cutting abilities as well. The best feature is one that I have not been able to figure out... It's the ability to die cut inkjet graphics. Can someone please help me out with this. I have Encad and Inspire setup on the machine that runs this plotter. I have access to a copy of Flexisign as well. Any help would be mucho appreciado.


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Hi Daren
I'm in the UK, I have a Graphtec JX1060 the baby brother to your machine. I print and cut mainly using Corel Draw and the Graphtec Windows driver its free on their web site if you haven't got it. when you go into the driver setup under the graphics tab select print and cut, then under the cut tab click on the colour button and choose the magenta colour, then under the options tab you will need to select 4 colour pass, then under the paper tab choose paper source = roll paper : Paper size = free size : plot area = the size of your media.
Now when you have a graphic on the screen make an outline around it and colour it magenta, when you send the image to print the printer will automatically print the image and then contour cut the magenta line it will not print the magenta line.
This will work it most programms



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If you have access to Flexisign

I would recommend using the Flexi software if it is a relatively new version, 6.x PRO or higher. The Flexi program has a driver for this machine built in and makes the feature of Print/Cut very simple.

Inspire also has a driver built into it but I personally prefer Flexi over anything.

I have a simple tutorial on print/cut within the Flexi program if you are interested. You will need to register for free, just like here at signs101.com. Then you have full access to all articles on the Flexi product I have written.

Here is the link, http://www.flexiezine.com

Click on the Subscribe button and fill out the short form. Once complete, you can click on the Articles button at the top and review the articles. The one you are looking for is titled: RIP and Print with a Contour Cut... Step by Step on a Print/Cut Machine


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I have a older graphtec jx1130 plotter/cutter. I've encounter a problem. Would anyone know, why would it always stop printing at 47 inches of a job. My media and print setting in is much larger. I'm having this problem regardless if printing a design or just a simple line, it always stop at 47 inches. My setting in the plotter is over 1000 in the media length on the plotter. I'm using Flexi pro.....If anyone can Help...Thanks

pho 916-628-5867


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as terry i use the windows driver to tight to buy a rip.
the windows driver does have a max print or and cut length of 2750mm if i remember correctly.

cant believe that there are some still printing, mine never printed anything again after i bought a epson 9500 7 years a go. but it is used every day to cut and for that use it is wonderful.

got to say something when my jx1130 is 8 years old cuts atleast one van or signs a day keep it clean and tidy love it.



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Hey Bobby-I've signed up for your zine...I need all the help I can get. I WILL get this thing to work properly....I've got 16 more A-Frames to letter and my old Gerber has gone into the death spiral, so I've got to get up and running sooner than I had hoped. I think the old blue monster got wind of the fact it was being replaced and is getting its revenge.
Carol coyote