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Need Help Graphtec Plotter Cut lines off??


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Need help!! So we are trying to print and cut a logo for a customer of ours, and all of sudden our plotter is cutting the lines just off where it supposed to.. Our cut lines in illustrator seem pretty spot on same as in cutting master 4 program. ??? Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. Thanks


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Need more info. There could be a few things causing your issue. Anything from an offset adjust to tool position. Also, are you sure your sensor is catching your crop marks or possible part of your print?


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We need much more detail, including pictures. Details including, but not limited to:
  • What model cutter?
  • Are you sending the condition settings via the software, or assigning them through the plotter?
  • What are your condition settings (tool, speed, quality, force, offset)
  • What blade/bladeholder are you using--are they installed correctly?
  • What is the condition of your cutting strip?
  • Are your cut lines "wobbly"?
  • Are the cut lines perfectly formed, but misplaced? If so, in what direction (scan/feed?)
  • Does this happen on other jobs, or just this one?
  • What's the length of the job, and are the the cuts progressively more inaccurate as the vinyl feeds?
  • What type of registration marks are you using?


CorelDRAW is best
Does your plotter have pressure adjustable pinch rollers? If so make sure all are set to the same pressure. Yes, I agree, many questions.


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here is a image thanks


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