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Tom Hutcheson

New Member
Hi Guys,

I've recently been given the above, however I don't have the CD-ROM install disc, I'm not savvy enough to work around it, I've contacted Graphtec to see if its possible to purchase the CD, but still waiting, I've also tried the Graphtec website, but cant locate this model (due to the age I think) is there anywhere I can purchase/download what I need to set it up. I'm also assuming I need to delete the program I have for my CE500-60 before installing anything new.

Many thanks



New Member
Not sure what software you are using etc. But we were running two very similar plotters side by side through Corel Draw for a number of years.

The CE through cutting master, very straightforward and the FC was treated as a printer, set the page to suit vinyl size & convert objects to a black hairline with no fill seemed to work for us.

So no, you don't necessarily need to delete programs etc to run both at the same time.