grays printing pinkish

All of a sudden my HP315 is printing grays with a pink tint. Looking at the files and even though there is no magenta in any of the colors, they still look pink. WTH?!?

Any idea how to remedy this?


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If you are 100% sure your file is okay and you havent changed anything in RIP then.

Have you done color calibration?
If you have and it didn't help you may have a printhead going bad.
That's about all the most likely reasons.
include the possibility of a corrupt profile

try a grey with different profile see if it is ok

if still same result then check profiles on both
rip and printer itself.....

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Could be Printer Linerization if it is doing it in all your greys and not just that one file. I had that happen to my Roland several years and had to have my printer and profiles calibrated