Green Initiatives / Information Resources?

Good Morning all,

I posted a thread about 'Green Marketing', and got some great responses- thank you all for your contributions. I especially liked the seeded paper ad- plant your advertisement...that's brilliant!

Anyway, I passed this information on, but I guess I was a little out of focus. The new focus is supplier/process ways of being green in the signage/digital printing/tag industry. For instance, using 'X' aluminum instead of 'Y' Aluminum.

I am brand spanking new to the industry, so I can Google search until my fingers hurt, but if anyone would like to share some possibilities and/or resources to find out that info, I'd appreciate it. I'm getting a list of our suppliers and contacting them directly, but it's kind of hit or miss.


Chad Perlmutter
Stonehouse Signs

P.S.- No, I'm not related to Senator Ed Perlmutter (But I wish I was).