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"Green" with Envy!


New Member
Hi everyone, my name is Bob and I'm brand new to the sign industry. I've been working in the IT field for the last 10 years and after my last layoff in October I've decided that I needed a fresh start.

I've always had an interest in graphics and design. I even started college as a Fine Arts major with a concentration in graphic design. For some unknown reason, I changed to an IT major. I guess it was the promise of a better than average salary that fueled my temporary insanity.

Now, several years and a lot less hair later, I'd like to get back into the type of work that I found creatively satisfying when I was younger. I guess it's a mid-life crisis of sorts.

I started a screen printing shop with some success already and I'm looking to add signmaking to my services. Nothing fancy, I just want to provide simple vehicle lettering and small to medium size signs to my offerings. Although I'm very "green" (see posting title), I truly think I have what it takes to become a sucessful shop owner. I can certainly use all the help and that is available to me, which is why I joined this board.

Please forgive my sarcastic nature, and of course, be gentle.....I'm a newby.