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Greetings from Vancouver Island!

Del Badry

New Member
Hi All,, Old Paint introduced me to the site and im glad to be hear, I moved from Alberta out to the island and have the opportunity to start my graphics/sign/window tint business in Duncan, B.C.

Nice to run into you again Cheryl.....

I am working independently out of a sign/print shop and they have the largest inkjet printer on the island... so i'll be around here helpin my learning curve....

Looks like a great site to learn and share on..


New Member
Hi Del, I'm looking forward to hearing about window tinting down the road. Seems harder to install than vinyl in my opinion. Welcome.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Hi Del and welcome to Signs 101. Any friend of OP that can structure a complete sentence has to be okay.

Del Badry

New Member
Ya know at one time there was a threat goin around that OP was my Dad! After meeting him in person at the Duck Soup meet i was sure glad he wasnt or as OP would say aint.....

Yeah Window Tint is a real blast,,,,ive always been interested in using it in some window signs and now that i have access to a friction fed plotter im goin to .....

Cyall later!


New Member
you right..you aint got enough hair to be one of my many illegitment offspring.....hehehehehehehehehe

Del Badry

New Member
Let alone the hair, ive been enjoying my moose, elk, venison & other meats since ive been out here....

Mom assured me she never did anyone that was lame..hahahahahhahahahahahhahhah

Wow, i feel like im at home!