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Greetings Y'all


New Member
Hello evebody!

I'm new to this web site, but have been doing graphix and signs for 8 years
have use Flexi software all most the whole time and I like it lot for vinyl,
not so much for color printing.
We are located in south of Atlanta, Ga. in McDonough. I started doing buses for the Olympics in 95' now we wrap a lot of buses, cars, trucks, Even a plane
(DC-3). Do alot of walls too. Barricades in the malls. Love to help anyboby, That's why we when in to business, cause I hate ugly signs or visual commications. Y'all have a good Day !!!:unclesam:

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Welcome to our boards.

Ugly signs are a fact of life. Some customers insist on them. It's a dark and lonely job ... but somebody has to do them. :Big Laugh :rolleyes: :wink: