Grommet machines


Anybody know whats the best grommet machine there is on the market today.
(manual type)

There is no best, there is no worst, they're all pretty much the same. This will no doubt elicit howls of outrage from various grommet chauvinsits proclaiming that their Stimpson can kick your Fastsnap's ***. A #2 grommet is a #2 grommet and regardless of posturing, setting a grommet isn't rocket science, it's a simple and mindless application of brute force.

Look at a grommet set into, say, a banner. Can you, or anyone else short of a forensics lab, tell if it was set with this or that brand of machine? QED.

Get the one that's on sale today. You might want to be sure that the throat has sufficient clearance to set the occasional long neck grommet. Some of the offshore models do not. Other than that, get the one with the best deal.

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I have a Fastsnap............I really like it, never had any problems setting a grommet.............


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Both Fasnap and Stimpson make good machines. I haven't tried the Hiker though. They're all available through Fellers.
It's a matter of preference on what one to choose. I prefer the Fasnap because it sits lower on the bench and it's a little easer for vertically challenged people to use. I would mount either to a piece of scrap 3/4" mdo so it can be portable and have a good solid base.



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The Hiker can do 0-60 in 4.3 seconds but the FastSnap's got it beat in cornering.... Seriously, there aren't a lot of features to compare and go back and forth on. It's not choosing between Lexus and Mercedes. Ours is a Hiker, works fine. Bob is correct.


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I use a stimpson. Check fellers they have three kinds. Stimpson i think was around $200 with a die of choice and was about mid weight range. That was an issue since i dont have a fixed position for it.


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I have a Hiker and love it. If you ever have an issue, call Hiker directly - they are the best people in the world to deal with.

I can punch through 6mm pvc like it's nothing.

I went with Hiker because the die is adjustable to the thickness of the material rather than adjusting the tension of the handle or whatever. Also the Hiker grommets are the cheapest through Fellers