GS15 plus blade holder help


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Hi Guys I am looking for a bit of help with a gs15 plus. i have been printing with the edge 2 and contour cutting with my graphtec but i have got fed up with auto recognition errors so i have finally picked up a second hand gsl5 plus plotter.

I got 3 blade holders with it, one of them is the pen, one is the perf wheel and the other is what i assume is the swivel blade holder but here is where I have run into problems.

It has the screw cap but its not plastic as the manual says its metal and has a small grub screw allen key on it.

It appears to be a mix of the tang blade holder and the swivel.

I managed to get a new blade as I did not get one with it but its from a gsx plus. The supplier says its the same but its pretty loose in the holder unless I use the grub screw to hold it in place. Is this correct ?

My graphtec is magnetic so I dont have this problem. Should it be a tight fit into the blade holder ?

I hope someone has the same blade holder as mine and can identify it. I have not tried it in the plotter yet but if I dont tighten the grub screw the blade will fall out.